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Late night television

"It's time that y'all had the chance to find out what it's like being Bobby Brown," or something moronic like that. Apparently, I jinxed Bravo last week, so that they felt obliged to announce, as part of their summer lineup, the new reality show called "Being Bobby Brown." There are so many bad jokes buried in there that I don't even know where to begin.

On the plus side, though, I got home just in time tonight to flip over to the Daily Show and see Jon Stewart interview Steven Johnson, which brings to a grand total now of 1 the number of people I've ever met personally who have appeared on the Daily Show. The trick for us bookish folk is that Jon has a rhythm to his banter that can make a body appear stilted. I was pleased to see, though, that Steven managed the interview well. Serious without being too serious, ya know?


I think rhetoricians are a vast untapped resource for comedy shows.

Er, Becky, seriously?

I wish it were true. It would make conference panels a little more bearable. But *humor* just doesn't seem to be our, uh, strong point.

Of course, I could be wrong. Rhetoricians could be wackier than I give credit.

Eh, I meant they were material for comedy, not themselves comedians.

BUT a world with more wacky rhetoricians would be an improved world. How to start the trend? Dunno about that.

Ah ha! I'm not such a great reader, I guess. :)

Maybe we could start opening conference papers with jokes. Even if only a few of us did it, the trend would catch on eventually.