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The ear knows no logic but its own

a webcomic about earworms


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I should probably create a category for comics.

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ComicLife is addictive; at least for me it's going to be, I can already tell. I'm actually late for a dinner for Cristina because of this fool thing.

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And just for the record: no, I don't usually think with my mouth open like that, and yes, my eyebrows actually get darker and bigger when I'm angry. They were exposed briefly to gamma radiation when I was a child.

OK. I almost woke up my wife with my laughter. Thanks.

Noooo! You need a song virus warning tag!

Hehehe. I am really sorry for that. That is too funny though! It happens to me all best people.

By the way, I feel super special that I made it into a comic strip!


that is absolutely fabulous. & benatar earworms (or song viruses, or whatever) are always welcome!

but quit slamming lj! your colleagues are having some very intelligent conversations over there, thanks very much. it's not ALL pre-teen 1337-speakers! >sigh

Heh heh heh. That was so good. I give it three adorable kittens. (The highest award I have handed out so far today.)

That was funny, funny stuff Collin.

Do not forget the penicillin of Trapped Songs. YOU know the one.

sniizzoork (The sound of Coke nearly exiting my nose.)

Damn. Now that song is stuck in my head. Good thing there's iTunes to help me get it out of there!

ROTFL This is fabulous! I gotta get that comic program soon....

Ok, I want the comic stip program, cause I have MANY responses to this, but they can only be expressed in comic strip format.

BTW, "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" is the end-all be-all earworm. Crap. Why did I even write that.......dum. dum. da-dum. da-dum. da-DUM.

BJ Thomas's daughter, Nora, was in my high school graduating class and he sang at my graduation...

But he just sang Amazing Grace, not "Raindrops..."

I now have Quarterflash's "Harden My Heart" in my mind, I suspect because of this post. Hiss.