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Blessing or Curse, Part 2

a webcomic about mnemonics


I kid you not: it works for my mom's cell phone, and it's a number I dial so rarely that this is the way I have to remember it.

In your 100 things list (#97), you said: "I memorize phone numbers using the patterns my fingers follow when dialing them." Have you always done it both ways, or did you implement this new method recently?

A little of both. I don't usually use mnemonics for phone numbers (although my brain tries to make them), but I use them incessantly for shorter numbers--the page I'm on in each of the books I'm reading, addresses, PIN numbers, zip codes sometimes, that kind of stuff. About a year ago, I finally got myself a phone that stores numbers, and so my "ghost dialing" method of remembering has suffered a little....

Umm, since you're talking cell phone numbers, wouldn't it be easier to save them in your cell phone and just use the phone book? Okay, for you, probably not, for me, yes.

How do you remember mine? I hope it's by spelling it out:

Nels, I don't have a cell phone. I know, I know. It's the one area of gadgetry I've been able to avoid thus far.

Jenny, you're one digit away from having your number read REMIX-02. You might want to give some thought to fixing this as you abandon your Austin #'s for the green, green valleys of PA. And by fixing it, I mean getting a number that actually does read something. Tell em I insist.

I'm trying to convince my partner to give up our landline. I never, ever use it except when my mother calls me, even though she uses her own cell phone to do it.

Enough with cell phones, I want my own comic!