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Heavy metal umlaut

{via Will]

Jon Udell has an 8.5 minute screencast that looks at "how pages evolve on Wikipedia." The page he uses? The page on the "heavy metal umlaut." As Will notes, it's a chance "to understand the inner workings of the collaborative construction of content revolution that we are watching."

Jon talks about the challenge of representing typographically the parodic Spinal Tap "n-umlaut," the speed with which vandalism is erased, and the development of a table of contents once the article itself becomes less manageable as a single document. He also talks about the "collective editorial sensibility" as it guides the development of the page from a single sentence to a full-blown, detailed entry.

A fascinating look at a medium and a site that too many "professionals" are dismissing far too quickly.

Tomorrow morning I leave for SF. So what am I doing blogging?

That is all.


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They're scared of WIKIpedia.. all the important full-of-it types. Tearing down a few ivory towers perhaps. oh wait.. is this a rant?

Im often late to things or just dont show up because of blogging. Maybe there's a BA group I should be meeting with once a week.

What are you doing blogging? You're doing my work for me, finding me stuff like this.

Have a safe trip. :)