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Stacy's mom

So it's been another football weekend, with a little bit of SU basketball folded in. And so I'm watching today, and while I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the commercials (or rather, I try not to), I hear the Fountains of Wayne song "Stacy's Mom" come on, in an ad for Dr. Pepper.

Apparently, Stacy's mom "has got it going on" because she's got a cooler full of Dr. Pepper in the back of her minivan. Ahh. So that's why "I've waited for so long."

I can't even begin to unpack the layers of "ick" that this commercial inspires in me. Rest assured, though, that I won't be drinking Dr. Pepper anytime soon. That is all.


I can't even tell you how disturbed I get at the rapididty of songs-for-ad-dollars sellout. The Cars for Circuit City? Now, Fountains of Wayne? This all after the Richrad Buckner song showed up in some SUV ad. Sigh. I give up.

I saw this commercial last night, and it is indeed worse in its details than I would have anticipated from your description. Layers of ick, indeed. And a generous slathering of "euw."

I thought I was the only one who noticed this - see my post at Men's News Daily forum today. Looks lie you beat me by a few days.

Yes, ick and ewww.


I absolutely love this commercial! How funny to do a take-off on the video. You think the boys are looking at the Soccer Mom but are really more interested in the Dr. Pepper. It's finally great to see a well done commercial! I'm off to buy some Dr. Pepper!

Wow you guys need to lighten up, the commercial is a spoof intended to be funny. I loved the Stacy's Mom spot and the I Can Do Anything For Love spot as well. I hope they keep playing them, I love to hear the music and the ad makes me laugh. You rock DR Pepper and Stacy's Mom.