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Creepy is the new Cool

The Starburst commercial begins in the hallway of a high school, with a slightly geeky guy standing there, as several girls get out of class and walk into the hallway. The boy calls out to Cheryl, who turns, and he tells her that he's got to show her something. They walk into what's clearly an art studio, and he walks her over to something that's covered with a cloth.

He takes off the cloth, and it's the bust of a female head, built entirely out of Starburst. "Cheryl, it's you," the guy explains. "I used lemon for your hair, because your hair's fresh and yellow. And I used cherry for your lips, because your lips are so juicy."

And as Cheryl stares at him in what I can only imagine is an emotion roughly parallel to my own as I watch this, he starts making out with this weird Starburst Chia Head. And as this happens, we hear Lionel Richie's "Hello" playing in the background. Umm. I was young enough when this song came out that I completed missed its psychotic, stalker overtones. Yeah. No longer. This particular combination of commercial and song may very well haunt my dreams tonight.

"Is it me you're looking for?"

Not so much.


I just saw it! When he makes out with the head, it looks as though he starts off by mouthing the head's nose. Yikes.

IN the video for "hello", this blind lady makes a mold of a man's head that looks like lionel...probably the piece of info you're missing from understanding the commercial....

You know, I do have a vague recollection of that video. It does make more sense, but it's no less creepy... ;-)

You are #1 in a Google search for "lionel richie starburst commercial". I am #2. I feel your pain.

Wow, Lis, thanks for the tip! Knowing that the commercial is an homage to the video for "Hello" does, I suppose, make a little more sense, but no less creepy....