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Various points along the "welcome" spectrum

As I continue to update my blogroll, I humbly call your alphabetically ordered attention to

  • Susan Adams, one of our students who's in the midst of her dissertation
  • Chris Anderson, whose Wired article on the long tail is fast becoming (a) required reading for anyone interested in network studies (including my class next semester, and (b) a book
  • Tyra O'Bryan, who's in her 2nd year at SU, and will be auditing my course this spring
  • Amy Robillard, who finished up her diss this past summer and is in her first year as a tenure-track prof at Illinois State.
  • Jen Wingard, also a 2nd year student at SU, also taking my course in the spring.

It's interesting to note that blogging in the CCR program now has moved definitely from "a few" to "some," and with both Becky and myself using them in our spring graduate courses, it stands to become "many," at least for a little while. It'll be even more interesting, I suspect, to see if (a) it lasts, and (b) what lasting effects (if any) they will have in the program. While I'm excited about my course, obviously, I'm also pretty jazzed that Becky's course, which is not explicitly about technology, will be doing some tech as well. Ultimately, that's one of the keys to actually integrating this kind of work--it's not about the program's "tech person" using tech, but rather everyone else...

That is all.


I am interested to see if the use of blogs in a course will help move the conversation from one way to two way. I have often thought, as a prospective teacher, that I would love to be able to get my students to put up online their understanding of the course so that I could see where they are grokking the material, and where I have failed to communicate... :-)

If only I had a clue about what I was doing! But I'm learning, I'm learning—and poor Derek will be in my class in the spring. He'll probably have earned a lotta extra credit before the course is over.