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Well, more like 20-25% baked. Christmas is coming, which means that the blog gets short shrift, and a Collin's attention is shifted to the Annual Christmas Cookie Bake-Off, where I spend every spare moment preparing a bevy of cookies for Eve, Day, Night, and Snack desserts. Completed so far? Golden cookies, Clove cookies, & Peppermint Fudge. Next up? Chocolate Crinkles, M&M cookies, and Peanut Butter Kisses, all by the end of the day, I hope.

Travel was a little asymmetric this time around. I will grumble until the end of my days about how nothing good is ever preceded by the phrase "lake effect," and that includes the weather in the Buffalo-Erie corridor, which stopped me dead in my increasingly-deepening tracks on Thursday night. And unfortunately, that left me with 12-13 hours of the drive to complete on Friday. Which I did. Johndan talks about Yahoo's claim that they're going to be offering real-time traffic conditions on their maps, which is a mixed bag, as he notes. For my purposes, I'd much rather have a lagged map, one that actually attempts to present conditions in travel time. So for example, when I look at a map, it gives me local conditions where I'm at, and projected conditions for the time I actually hit that area. Sounds a little complicated, but actually, it's probably easier than I think. Not to mention less likely than I would wish.

Back to baking. That is all.


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Any chance you'll post recipes? Especially for clove cookies and peanut butter kisses?

If you're feeling adventurous (sp??), you can try my version of my grandmother's Pfeffer Nuts-- see this entry from my unofficial blog. If I were to do this again, I'd half the recipe, though.

totally did not know you had this talent!

Thanks, Steve!

It's weird, but I'm oddly hesitant to post my recipes--it's not as though they're "mine," really, since I got all of them from various sources. I guess maybe some of the adjustments are mine, but still. I feel like I'm being asked to show how my magic tricks work...even as I realize how dorky that sounds...