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academic weblog awards

Alex notes the absence of a "scholarly" category in/for the 2004 Weblog Awards, and sets about gathering nominations anyway. I'm a little embarrassed, given that I was writing about this kind of micro-fame a few months back, that it took me an additional, updated request from Alex to prompt me to mention it here.

So get over there and get nominating. Alex put together the single most comprehensive list of scholars who blog, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding sites to nominate...

[Update: Thanks to James Farmer, this idea just became a lot more official. Check out the Edublog Award page...]


You seem to have added a spurious double-quote on the end of your link to "scholars who blog". Your "comprehensive" epithet seems quite ironic when linked to an empty page :)

Oops! Thanks, Frank--I've fixed it...

Okay. It's time to nominate Collin for his well-deserved blogaward!