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my spring course

One of the things I was really looking forward to, as I embarked both on my leave this semester and my trip, was the chance to finally start working seriously on the course I'll be teaching next semester. I started a blog for it last spring, but it fell by the wayside as I worked on the book manuscript, read dissertations chapters, etc. I'm starting to pick the material up again now, working my way through some of the reading, starting to think about how I'll lay the class out, and so on.

I mention this because I've posted an extended course description now for what will be CCR 711: Network(ed) Rhetorics, and anyone who's interested is more than welcome to take a look. I'm hoping to conduct as much of the course online as possible, and likewise hoping that I can recruit some guest bloggers for the course site. I want to try and network the course as much as possible.

I always try and find angles into my courses, ways to make them fresh for myself as well as the students, but this will be a course rooted strongly in my immediate interests, and I'm hoping to share my own process of exploration as part of the course. I place a lot of emphasis on modeling the processes of reading and writing for students, even at the graduate level, and this course should be exemplary in that regard. I'll be asking students to join me at the beginning of a "research program" rather than positioning myself as the final arbiter, or the expert.

Can you tell I'm excited?


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Too bad this is in the spring! Though my Media in the Information Age is a grad/undergrad course, there is probably some interesting overlap there. At the very least, how would you feel about a guest blog (on the topic of your choice) for the course?

Too bad that I can't take your course! Because this would be sooooooooo fascinating and useful to me. Good luck with it.

Thanks, Krista. I'm really looking forward to it. I always put my syllabi online, but this is the first time that I've advertised it broadly ahead of time like this. I'm hoping that even if people don't take it that they'll contribute and help me network it as widely as possible...