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Davenport, IA (again)

the seventh leg of my trip
Total Miles: 522
Miles to Date: 4248

The miles, they keep on climbing. I'm back in Iowa now, and wondering WTF I could have been thinking. I packed a duffel full of shorts and t-shirts, and brought 2 pairs of jeans and a couple of sweatshirts, "just in case." Hmmmm, just in case I found myself in the upper midwest in late October? When the temp rarely climbs much above 50? Maybe summer will last until November? Clever, clever boy. Argh.

On another note, I added another little tool to the sidebar. They're called HitMaps, and I heard about them over at Monkeymagic. Basically this service reads the IP addresses of visitors, and plots them all on a world map, increasing the size of the dots as the number of visitors at that location grows. I suspect that it's more useful for "long tail" sites like this one than it would be for power bloggers, but it's a nifty little visualization tool, and it verifies my hunch about how popular I am in Australia.

I've got a couple of other entries to post, but I think this one is finished. I'll be in Iowa for a couple of weeks, resting up and preparing for the Convergences conference in NC at the beginning of November. Maybe a day trip or two in the interim.


Good lead on Hitmap. I had to hurry right over and get one for myself. Now I'm only concerned that there won't be any dots. And that they'll all be in a huge circle around central New York, revealing my own neurotic blog-checking.

Well, I'll check it from here a few times so it'll spread out a bit... ;-)

You could have stopped by to see my family! They could've offered you some cookies and milk!

Hey our names are similar. Dont wear it out.