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We say slumber, you say party

the 2nd leg of my trip

I must be getting old. Three nights with Thomas and Jenny, and each night, I think I fell asleep before midnight. It's not like I was getting up all that early or anything. Part of it, I suppose, was the fact that they both teach morning classes. But the W. Lafayette police weren't receiving any complaints from the neighbors about late-night rowdiness, that's for sure.

Next up, in just a little bit, is one of shorter legs of the journey, from Lafayette to Davenport, which should only take me 5 hours or so, depending on how bad the traffic around Chicago is. It's never that great, but some times are worse than others...

Oh, and the previous two entries are courtesy of my new FlickR account. Let me know if you're interested, and I'll send you an invite...


Be careful of those Iowa thugs! They'll knife you right in the back!


Maybe you'll give the Austin heat time to cool off by the time you get here. Let's pray.

The people of Illinois welcome you.

How long will you be in Davenport? I'm a scant two hours south, ya know...

Maybe I can catch you on the rebound, Brad. I'll be swinging back through the QC on my way back east from the left coast, and I'd planned on spending a little more time here when I do. We can try and plan out something then...

Dang, you're going all the way west? Very good.