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There goes the BCS

I certainly didn't think that we'd win or anything, but I hoped that it'd be close.

Instead, SU got shellacked by Purdue yesterday, 51-0. Over the summer, the Athletics department has been posting schedules and posters all around campus, one of which touted RB Walter Reyes as a potential Heisman candidate. His line on Sunday? 12 carries, 31 yards, and a fumbled kickoff. Bad news.

Tell me again when basketball starts?


I did think about you yesterday and I'm sorry :-)

Thanks, Sam. It's no big deal to me, though. SU is the first school I've ever been at where football was actually a deal. And so, the team I grew up with (U of Iowa) is the one I root for most closely--I get a surprising number of their games here, thanks to the expanded ESPN college slate.

I root for Iowa basketball, too, but Miami had a good men's team when I was there, and ODU had an awesome women's team. And then, obviously, there was Carmelo...