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Miles: 1113
Miles to Date: 2109
Casino billboards: 18
Southbound billboards for "Robertson's Ham Sandwiches" in a 1-mile stretch: 5
Number of seconds I was tempted by Robertson's Ham Sandwiches: @30
Number of States visited: 10

Mileage-wise, I spent more time in Texas yesterday than I did in Oklahoma. Karma-wise, however, it felt like I was born, raised, and died in Oklahoma before I got out. I now have an answer to the question of whether there is any more godforsaken stretch of road than I-65 from Indianapolis to Chicago. There is. It runs for about 200 miles, right after you get off the Kansas Turnpike, and about 50 miles before you get to Texas. Bad roads, no rest stops, and brown grass as far as the eye can see. Yuck. And unlike other states, where there are things like gas stations and restaurants, in Oklahoma, there was one place that actually advertised its "convenient I-35 access"--it was within sight of the interstate, you see. Every time I refueled, I had to drive 3-4 miles out of the way to get to a grungy place, stocked almost entirely with Dr. Pepper. Cases and cases and shelves and shelves of Dr. Pepper. I've got nothing personal against the good doctor, but he doesn't make my travel beverage of choice.

Well, at least it's over. I'm now in Austin for a spell, and once I get my laptop to recognize my camera, I'll throw up a couple of shots taken from the "Scenic Turnout" that I took in celebration of having made it through the grim of central Oklahoma.


Interesting you should say that. I've made the I-35 trip from Dallas to Kansas once yearly for most of my life, and I've always found it a nice little drive. The area between Northern Oklahoma and Central Kansas is a bit stale, but other than that I've never had a problem.

You mean you didn't see a Love's? They are EVERYWHERE!!!

Be safe!

yeah, I looked at your planned map and decided not to mention how hideous that long stretch of I-35 was going to be...didn't want to scare you away from Austin!

It was on that stretch of I-35 in Oklahoma that Owen and I encountered a car driving north in the southbound lanes--right towards us--at about 2am. And when I called the police to report it (after we'd swerved off the road and panted our way back to sanity) they were so unbelievably confused by what I was saying. Oy vey.

Welcome to town!

Oh my. The first (and only) Love's I went in was so scary it was like watching one of those drunk driving movies in drivers' ed and swearing off liquor for life. It didn't seem especially dirty or scary from the outside, and the people inside were nice enough, but it looked like it hadn't been cleaned since the mid-90s. I'm not an especially squeamish person, but even I draw the line somewhere. And it's usually well shy of cockroaches and strange smells...heh.

Dylan, I've been meaning to add you to my blogroll for weeks now, but usually I do first and last names, and I don't know your last name...or whether you'd prefer not to have your last name up there...

I've never done I-35, but I'll bet it doesn't compete with I-80 from Salt Lake City to Reno--that's nearly 400 miles of bleakness, especially the salt desert. And those crazy pioneer folk did it in wagons.

Austin should certainly cheer you up.

Thanks Collin... My last name is Biles... feel free...

I'm getting a new blog up and running on typepad, and I'll get you added on mine when I'm operational over there.