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Grading up

Obviously, cgbvb is receiving an upgrade. Unfortunately, this means that many of my permalinks have been thrown off--I assume that my trackbacks are as well, although I haven't checked. Also, I think a couple of comments got nipped by the timing of my export and reimport.

Sorry about that. It's also going to take me a while to restore some of the 3rd party functionalities. I'll be trying to do most of it tonight, I suspect. I'll probably be futzing a bit with the comment system as well, so if you leave one, and it doesn't show immediately, that's why.


I like it, but I sure am going to miss those robots! They always made me smile.

Oh, believe me, they're coming back. I'll probably take advantage of the upgrade to tweak the design a bit, but I'm not giving up the bots so soon...


Glad to hear it. Are you going to put your 100 Things link back on your sidebar too?

Oh yeah. I'll need to futz with the design so that it matches, but just about everything will eventually be the same, at least until other shiny plugins and tweaks catch my eye...