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As a couple of others have observed already, Bloglines has been up and running now for a year. In addition to a new site design that adds a few nice touches, they've added a service called clipping or clip blogs:

And we're really excited to introduce our biggest new feature:

Bloglines Clip Blogs

  • The easiest way to create a blog
  • Fully integrated with all your Bloglines news feeds
  • One-click blogging from any Web page
  • Subscribe to friends' Clip Blogs and get notified of updates
  • Simply click on the 'My Blog' tab to set up your Bloglines Clip Blog
  • Best of all, your Clip Blog is completely free -- just like the rest of Bloglines!

In addition, Saved Items have been renamed to Clippings, and you can easily move private, clipped items to your public blog and back again.

Interesting stuff. As Will implies, Bloglines has taken a pretty big step in the Furl direction with this, and I think it's a smart one. I like also how they're enabling various social features in their service--there was a point where I was thinking about switching over to Shrook, but Bloglines is keeping me loyal...