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bad habits

a piece of my new homepage

How I know I am a geek: Whenever things start piling up, and I don't seem to have any spare time, somehow, I manage to free up about three hours for the most purposeless activities. Case in point: tonight/this morning, despite having more than enough to do, I decided to blow about three hours redesigning my homepage. And before you ask, no, I don't think I could be any more of a dork.

As you'll notice if you visit, the inspiration is drawn directly from Scott McCloud, whose Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, and 24 Hour Comics are all sitting on the shelf beside me. I may not have his talent, but at least I've got decent taste. The self-portraits were all generated at Abi Station, which I'll credit on the page itself soon enough. Also credit-worthy is Blambot, for the fonts that I futzed with in putting the page together.


Great look, Collin! Lotsa fun. I know the feeling about wasting time (boy, do I ever!), and the site for making self-portraits look like a fabulous time waster...

Hey, I've been doing the same thing lately. My blog design is about to expire (I've been doing a redesign every 6 months) and I'm messing around with banner images. Haven't gotten a good one yet, but here are some.

P.S. I like the new design too!

I've noticed that the amount of "unproductive" creative work I do (redesigning websites, playing guitar, etc.) is directly proportional to how much "real" work I have to do (writing articles, grading projects, etc.).

The McCloud-inspired home page is really cool.

Have you seen Geoff Saur's homepage? . Similar idea, although much different execution.

That's very cool. I'm jealous. Of course I haven't touched my webpage in two years.

Something tells me I should blame you for the amount of time I've spent on the picture making website, not Lori. But I'm thinking about blaming (read: thanking) BOTH of you!

Your new website looks brilliant!

What's colder than cold?

Brooke cold.

That new sight rocks the mic.