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softball update

After a funky week off (Memorial Day + off date), your One Inch Margins took to the field this week for a couple of unofficial games.

Monday's was unofficial bc we couldn't field a full team. We ended up borrowing three people, and our cobbled together crew actually won the "game" 9-3, thanks to one big inning that involved us batting around and then some. Today, we fielded a minimal team (8 people), and took a 6-4 lead into the 3rd inning, only to have the game called on account of lightning. The second inning was rain-soaked, but the umps weren't keen on the prospect of the players waving aluminum bats in the air with lightning around.

Ah well. No official games, although we took a loss. And I popped my left knee, which is now roughly 50% again the size of my right knee. Ouch. The good news? Through 2.5 games, I still haven't walked a single batter, and I'm picking up anywhere from 3-4 strikeouts a game. And I'm hitting surprisingly well also. Now if we can just get a full team together and the weather would cooperate...