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My new screensaver?

Found this via the Eyebeam Reblog: I'm relatively certain that it would be easy to duplicate in Flash, but for whatever reason, my mind hasn't quite wrapped itself around how just yet.

In other news, my blogroll columns are now even. DaveR has decided that his infrequency doesn't justify the Typepad subscription. Sorry to hear it, but certainly I understand...


That image is pretty trippy. I found it on Blogdex a few minutes ago and was planning to blog it.

Reminds me of the cover art for Pink Floyd's "Ummagumma." See quote below.

"For a while, there was a true 'marriage' of two very distinct and different media -- art and music. In their heyday, LP covers were an outlet for experimentation, art, fun, social comment, and the power of the visual image to sell you the music that was contained therein. It's over I guess. --Bill Walsh