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It's not like I don't have plenty of other things to do.

A link to the classic Peep Research site came across Boing Boing a few days back. To that, I am compelled to add Eric's Peep Challenge (via Metafilter), whereupon his friend Kerry attempts to eat 100 Peeps in a single sitting.

Is it just me, or are Peeps one of those bizarre phenomena where there are literally millions of fans, all of whom are embarrassed to admit to anyone else that they actually are fans? Peeps belong in the gummi/jello/circus peanut food group, but it seems like everyone loves them. In private, at least...


Actually it is a mistake to lump gummis and peeps in the same food group. The distingishing feature is, of course, that peeps are a marshmellow based chewy candy and gummi's ( in their most common form) are fruit based. You can't just run around willy nilly claiming gummi - peep parity. It just doesn't fly.

As for thier apparent popularity, I think it has something to do with the nostalgia associated with peeps ( despite the fact the peep pink is widely recognized as a toxin ). Peeps, like Necco wafers, Black Jack chewing gum and Mike and Ikes are part of the post WWII cultural landscape. The first modern candies if you will.

The recomended serving is one peer per annum (generally comsumed well before Easter) by the way. Any more and you risk nausea,sick headaches, and the crankiness that accompanies these symptoms due to elevated sugar levels.

By way of contrast, You can eat as many gummis as you want with absolutley no negative effects. None whatsoever.Trust me on this one. You'll feel great!