October 9, 2006

What's shaking

I'm guessing that I'm getting a little more traffic lately, thanks to shouts from Dan and if:book, so I thought I'd throw a quick entry up talking in a little more detail about what I'm doing here, both now and in the long term...

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August 20, 2006


This is a placeholder for a page that will explain the project in more detail.

Table of Contents

This is a placeholder where I will work out an annotated table of contents. Although I'll eventually fold it in with the book proposal, it's really a different genre, so for the moment, I'm separating the two.


This is a placeholder that I will start adding to, shortly. Once it's begun, feel free to suggest additional texts in the comments. I'll add your name to a thank you list, add the work, and delete the comment. So please don't think I've simply dismissed your comment...

[Sorry about the repeated "updates." I've been experimenting.]

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Book Proposal

This is a placeholder that will eventually contain a draft of the book proposal.